clean code

Features: Clean code

Poorly written code is a serious issue
that can lead to huge problems with
your site in the long run.

good documentation

Features: Good documentation

Constitutes an essential part
of the product – Amaplug comes with.

custom fields

Features: Custom fields

Access custom fields from the response
of the Product Advertising API and use
them in your templates.

Clean code, good documentation and custom fields are enough features for you to buy? What are you waiting for? Try it out today!

product informations

Features: Product informations

All product informations, current pricing
and discounts will be updated automatically
by using the official Product Advertising API.

all amazon networks

Features: All amazon networks

We support Germany, United States, Brazil,
Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan,
Mexico, Spain and of course United Kingdom.

awesome shortcodes

Features: Awesome shortcodes

Couldn’t be easier: You only need to
investigate the article number (ASIN/ISBN)
of a product and place place it anywhere.

product ratings

Features: Product stars

Nothing to do for you. We try to get the
current ratings for you to display them.

dynamic templates

Features: Dynamic templates

Powerful template syntax which lets you
dynamically interact with the contents.

translated templates

Features: Translated templates

Each translation is available for each
Amazon network. It’s a custom solution
to translate your templates.

Still not enough or does this features have convinced you?

powerful admin

Features: Powerful admin

We use Redux: flexible and very powerful
framework for configurations.

3 different default styles

Features: 3 different styles

Because we don’t know what you like
we have added three different styles.

responsive design

Features: Responsive design

All Amaplug items are responsive and
looks great on many kinds of devices.

automatic updates

Features: Automatic updates

Amaplug provides you easily automatic
updates. You don’t have to leave Backend.

24/7 support

Features: 24/7 support

Provides support for this item
through email contact form.


Honestly. This features are awesome or not? Give it a try!