2016, August, 15 – v 1.4.11 – Changelog

  • Fixed: Missing rating in english language
  • Fixed: Using items with bestseller could produce a mistake
  • Fixed: Redux could not load extenstions
  • Fixed: Some wrong translations were found
  • Fixed: Plugin activation ends with a error from taxonomys
  • Added: Some placeholders have been modified (more info on page)
  • Added: Option to edit dateformat in frontend (keep in mind it is cached)
  • Added: Widget in admin for updates so enter your data (codecanyon username & purchase code)
  • Added: Some adjustments before version 1.5 is available
  • Added: Small adjustments for the performance on requests

2016, Juni, 09 – v 1.4.1 – Changelog

  • Fixed: 1.4.0 css for pop ups missing

2016, Juni, 09 – v 1.4.0 – Changelog

  • New Feature: Product Pop Ups
  • Fixed: Templates (default) prime logo have missing alt tag
  • Fixed: Plugin activation could be failed and shows message to install Redux
  • Fixed: Some PHP-Warnings e.g. if no products found
  • Fixed: Some language entrys were added/updated
  • Changed: Textlink (template) is not longer editable
  • Added: 5 “Different” templates for Product Pop Ups now available

2016, March, 15 – v 1.3.17 – Changelog

  • Fixed: Products seems to be show the wrong price sometimes
  • Changed: Amazon shortlinks are moved to “Linkformat” in same section
  • Added: Inside amazon section is a option to select “Linkformat”
  • Added: “Cart Link” are now supported – that means 90 days cookie instead 1 day if enabled

2016, March, 13 – v 1.3.13 – Changelog

  • Fixed: Changes from 1.3.2 dont have update templates
  • Fixed: Edit/delete/added templates does show status messages with post instead template
  • Fixed: Edit/delete/added translation does show status messages with post instead translation
  • Changed: Templates (default) are not longer erasable – info appears “Managed Amaplug Template”
  • Changed: Templates (default) are not longer editable – info appears “Managed Amaplug Template”
  • Changed: Placeholder DETAILPAGEURL will not longer be urldecoded
  • Added: Inside amazon section is a option to enable or disable amazon shortlinks
  • Added: New placeholer PRIMEURL was added
  • Added: Duplicate quicklink for templates
  • Added: Templates (default) now also display prime

2016, March, 07 – v 1.3.2 – Changelog

  • Fixed: Issue in documentation – wrong number for 1.3.1
  • Changed: Templates (default) links to Amazon will now have target=”_blank”

2016, February, 28 – v 1.3.1 – Changelog

  • New Feature: Support for WooCommerce External/Affiliate product
  • Fixed: Custom themes could break layout of product boxes
  • Fixed: Media querys are optimized for better mobile display
  • Fixed: Editing templates dont show current line – also the selection of words was not marked
  • Fixed: Translation of Amaplug admin doesn’t show other translated languages
  • Fixed: Changing images to ssl cound get a warning url changed now
  • Fixed: Wrong combination of Amazon network and Associates ID could break the frontpage
  • Fixed: Changing Amazon network in options don’t have effects if location isn’t set in shortcode
  • Fixed: Missing product picture on variation products – now we show the first from image set
  • Changed: Default domain (e.g. for updates) have changed to amaplug.com instead amaplug.de
  • Changed: Templates (default) will use now the new placeholders
  • Changed: Product descriptions use new routine
  • Added: The documentation does now include (and describe) a list of placeholders to use
  • Added: TinyMCE Editor does now include a button (called Amaplug) to generate shortcodes
  • Added: Public base css (for base configuration also media query) are switch to less
  • Added: Optinal item wrapper to display items in best format

2016, January, 28 – v 1.2.1 – Changelog

  • Fixed: The time of last update in footer was showing current timestamp instead last update
  • Fixed: CSS from Templates would be create each time page loads
  • Fixed: Edit existing posts (in combination with yoast seo) will destroy the jquery on that page
  • Fixed: After remove plugin complete there were still two options in database
  • Changed: Templates (default) links to Amazon will now have rel=”nofollow”
  • Changed: Update interval has now a default value of 300 seconds
  • Changed: Each post|page with a shortcode from this plugin will now run a cron immediately after publish or update – this shoud be improve pageload on preview
  • Changed: Language files (inc. *.pot) were updated with some new entrys
  • Added: Inside plugin section is a option to enable or disable the minify of dynamic CSS
  • Added: Inside plugin section is a option to enable or disable the product refresh via wp-cron

2016, January, 23 – v 1.2.0 – Changelog

  • New Feature: Translation (Custom Post Type)
  • New Feature: Templates (Custom Post Type)
  • Added: Complete the list of Amazon networks
  • Added: For each network you can now setup a Associate ID
  • Added: Inside templates you can now access the placeholders better than before
  • Added: Status section for plugin health (check requirements whith can cause a error …)
  • Added: Plugin section – import/export configuration, plugin update check …
  • Added: More info about Fields section inside the documentation
  • Fixed: Setting the location tag in shortcodes have no effect
  • Fixed: Using the same {if} statement in templates the second will not be found
  • Fixed: Using non existing style in shortcode indicates an error on frontpage
  • Changed: Option for Plugin update check is now in Plugin section
  • Removed: Old product template files inside /pages/
  • Removed: Old css product template files inside /css/
  • Removed: The Tracking ID on settings section
  • Removed: Translation into *.pot from product templates

2016, January, 12 – v 1.0.0 – Changelog

  • Initial release